Professional Wardrobe Consultation

If getting dressed in the morning is starting your days off on the wrong foot, and facing your closet has become an incredibly overwhelming chore, a wardrobe consultation may be exactly what you need. Whether you've gained weight, lost weight, or have just neglected to throw away those pieces that at one point in time were in style, we will support you in saying goodbye, eliminating unflattering clothing and creating new looks with your current wardrobe. Please call or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


“Thanks to Solee, I no longer have to travel far to shop for shoes that are different and stylish.  I visit her anytime I need advice on fashion and co-coordinating my outfits, and I never feel uncomfortable running in last minute to do so.  Her taste is impeccable and her friendly manner always makes me smile” L. Vartija Hamilton, ON

"Lisa and Kristina were a pleasure to deal with; they were very professional, but made the overwhelming process a lot of fun and still remained very professional. The consultation was refreshing and a total eye opening experience for me, I have never felt better! They were able to make me see things about myself and my clothes that other hired consultants couldn't.  I am so glad that I hired the Solee girls, and recommend them to anyone in need of a little push." C. Corey Grimsby, ON

"I met Lisa at Solee Shoes on a typical shopping day for me. I had one hour to find an accessory to go with an outfit that I had to wear to an event that evening. I have always hated shopping and usually waited until the last minute to quickly "grab and go". Lisa immediately made me feel at ease and started to ask questions about my shopping apprehension. I found myself opening up about my lack of body image and an overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start in a store. She asked about what I had at home and told me about their service to come to my home and do a wardrobe makeover. I was shocked when I asked, “when can you come over?". The girls from Solee came over a week later to my home. They made me laugh and feel comfortable and before I knew it I was actually enjoying trying on MY clothes!!! I discovered that I did have nice clothes - some that needed to be altered and only a few that needed to be thrown away. They taught me how with just a few accessories, I could change the entire look of my "boring" wardrobe. I started to feel more confident after only a few hours. I have managed to stay organized in my closet and I am taking more risks everyday with new combinations that Lisa had suggested to me. Since my wardrobe make-over, Lisa has introduced me to a great hair stylist and has taken me shopping for a few pairs of jeans! I am so grateful to Lisa for helping me to crack my shell and live a different life. Thank you Lisa and I can't wait for us to go shopping together again!" B.Elliot, Hamilton, ON

"I can't thank Lisa enough for her advice and guidance throughout my wedding planning process. My fiancé and I were trying to keep our wedding small and simple, but with all the planning and decisions to make, like any bride-to-be, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. I had a certain vision in mind but I really didn't know how to make my ideas a reality. From our initial consultation, Lisa at Solee Shoes provided me with her excellent service and her wonderful attention to every detail. Keeping my vision and budget in mind, Lisa went far beyond just shoes and accessories, and helped me to co-ordinate a complete look for myself and the entire bridal party - right down to my hairstyle and suggested alterations to my wedding dress. I found Lisa to be highly professional in every aspect of her service, while at the same time bringing a real fun and fresh approach to her work. Rather than feeling stressed over every decision, she had me feeling confident and reassured. Lisa really has a natural sense for fashion and styling, and she completely exceeded my expectations in bringing my ideas to life. I would highly recommend the girls at Solee Shoes to any future bride who wants to look and feel great on her wedding day!" A. Vancedar Hamilton, ON